My Not-Quite-Grown-Up-Yet Christmas List

1. Chucks because I’ve never owned a pair. And not just any kind, I want a pair from here!
2. A digicam—which my mom promised to buy for me before they leave for the States. I love you, Kuya Mong and mommy! ♥
3. An out of town trip (one with the DQs soon! I hope it pushes through.)
4. Lots of lip gloss.*
5. A pretty paper journal (even if I haven’t finished the one I got for my birthday two years ago!)
6. A nice eyelash curler (because the one I’m using now is one of those cheap ones that doesn’t really work at one go. Haha! Kawawa.)* plus nice black mascara.
7. A flash drive because I can’t access my officemates’ Macs. These are super pretty. Too bad they’re so expensive.
8. A nicer computer at home. I think this one needs to retire soon.
9. Black flip flops like the blue ones Nior gave me last Christmas. Thanks, Mix for the black Old Navys (plus the tan, purple, and magenta ones, too!)
10. Cake, cake, cake. For days when I’m PMS-ing.
11. A room makeover.
12. A guilt-free shopping spree. I’ve bought myself stuff with my own money. And stuff not from Divisoria! Hahaha!
13. A Pro account.
14. Earphones. Hahaha! Yehey! Finally got myself nice earphones that work. 😛
15. Peace of mind. (Naks!) And, sige na nga, world peace. (:

* Muchas gracias, mommy Chamie!

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The Comments

  • riche||e
    December 3, 2006

    the face shop has some nice curling mascara 🙂

  • Macy
    December 3, 2006

    oooh.. 2-in-1 in my list. haha! thanks! 😀

  • Gail
    December 19, 2006

    yey! congrats, macy! i want a new digicam replacement too and my mom promised me but i’m gonna get it sa feb pa. :/ at least meron! hehe! 🙂

    merry christmas!