Hulog ng Langit

Ikaw pala aking hinahanap
Ang bahaghari ko sa likod ng ulap
Ikaw ang hulog ng langit sa puso kong napunit
Dahil sa dramang paulit ulit
Kanina ka pa nariyan?

Ikaw Pala, Sugarfree

Aww, this album is still on repeat even if I only have half an earphone (haha, kawawa talaga.) to listen with.

I wish I could write again. Like really write. The last poem I wrote was for my grandmother when my lolo died, or was it when I last got my heart broken? Whichever came last. I was talking to a good friend of mine and told her that I write best when I’m depressed. Isn’t that strange? I guess all sad things always sound beautiful to me.

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