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Copy and paste the first sentence from your first entry of each month this past year.

January. It’s great hanging out with friends from Assumption.
February. It was my first day on the new job today.
March. I don’t think I’d have it any other way. (:
April. It’s late and I’m feeling so tired.
May. first trip together and it couldn’t have started out any worse than it did.
June. So last night, my mom picked us up (Nior was in Gold’s Gym with our cousin Marco, interviewing him for their org video) and they brought me to Old Spaghetti House.
July. I just realized that the last concert I performed in was two years ago — Chosen Ground One.
August. I am now what you call regular, and I’m not complaining. d:
September. Oh my God! I love Patty and our jolog movie dates!
October. Last Sunday, Naf’s mom prepared dinner for us—yummy puttanesca, shrimp cooked in her own special style, and stuffed bread sticks.
November. How have you been?
December. kung ayaw mo na sa akin
di na kita hahabulin

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