Jump and move

Whee! I’m so happy! Finally attended the Smooves class and even if I could barely keep up, I’m so happy I went. It was really nice to get to dance with Jessie, too, since I used to train with her. I’m looking forward to joining the class twice a week. Maybe I’ll get my groove back. (:

In other news, my brother came home from Singapore this morning and brought loads of chocolate with him. Naturally, we attacked the stash right after breakfast. He also brought home GODIVA. Ohmygoodness. Heaven in a bar. Love it! My dad’s brother’s ex-wife also sent us boxes of Royce chocolate. Yuuuuuum. I didn’t get to taste the mint chocolate because they finished it already. Haha! But I’ve got a pretty blue box sitting on my bed full of praline. Yuuuum. So much for the “exercise” I got tonight. Haha! Heyyy, I can’t turn down chocolate. I just can’t. Ever. Anyway, Tita Iris (the ex-wife) also sent pashminas in multiple shades of lovely. Aww, she’s so sweet. She remembers all of us even if we haven’t seen her in so many years. I don’t really use pashminas haha but they’re pretty. 😛 And she even got me a pink one—she asked what my favorite color was.

Good night, loves. Endorphins make you happy. 😀

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