Looking back

It was two years ago yesterday that we had our first day of training in the now-defunct Talent Development and Management Center with Miss Gigi and Miss Lelen. My friends in high school always thought of me as a human calendar so I remember things like this.

Two days from now last year was my last day in Wazzup, which I lovingly called “Hell.” Strangely enough, I was sad when I left. I missed the familiarity of everything. I grew into my routine of waking up at 6 and doing my internet scans before taking a bath and having breakfast. I’d be in the office at 9, printing out the Village Girls’ scans, photocopying them in the Studio 23 office, and stapling them together for the episode writers. I’d label each with my pink highlighter and hand deliver two sets to the fifteenth floor.

A year later, I grew out of it. I started a new routine and fell much more in love with it. I don’t go to work crying to my mom at the breakfast table. I eat lunch with my boss and my officemates. I don’t miss production anymore. I don’t even want to go back anymore and I wouldn’t if I had a choice. And I do, thank God.

It takes a while for me to get over things. I got over my very first boyfriend three years after he broke up with me. I feel like I’m still stuck in high school (minus the drama). But I think I’m finally learning to let go. Of things I have no control over, of things that make me miserable, and of things that keep me from growing.

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