Try Something New

I’ve never been a fan of things unknown to me. I’m not adventurous with the kind of food that I eat. I don’t like going to places I’ve never been to before. I’m not comfortable with people I’ve just met.

But this year, I’ve started to slowly inch my way out of my comfort zone and experience things for the first time. I’ve tried eating things that look foreign to me and try places that I wouldn’t set foot in.

Just two days ago, I sat down in a beautifully-decorated deli somewhere in Sheridan. Their chairs and walls were painted in beautiful colors. And there was a big blue door welcoming you at the entrance. I loved it. The food was good and not too expensive. Normally, I wouldn’t have gone there unless I had a friend who could vouch for it. But I tried it and I can’t wait to go back and bring my friends there.

Yesterday, I went on another food trip, which I’d have to say is the best I’ve been on so far. So good that I’d encourage you to book a tour yourself.

Next week, I’m going on another trip and I can’t wait! It’s also going to be a first for me so wish me luck. I hope I don’t get scared to try anything that looks strange or unfamiliar. I think now is the best time to experience everything for the first time. (:

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