Dizzy Girl

My brain is on overdrive, I think. I am working on three completely different things right now and I’m trying to alternate between them. Geezus! The most mindless task was the first one I got done with—only a few minutes ago because I keep getting side-tracked with something else. You know how some sites moderate their photo gallery? I am the mechanism behind that moderation. Hahaha. Not very fun. 😛 Although when there are interesting pictures (read: WHAT THE HELL is this doing in Candy?!), it’s not so boring. 😛

But I’m excited because I’ll see an old friend from my old job tonight. We haven’t seen each other in a looong time so when she sent me a message yesterday saying that she was free tonight, I told her we’d meet up—no matter what. I like keeping in touch with a lot of people. (:

And because I am in a state that you call lutang, I will leave you with some random plug (riiiight):

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