This is how my family does it

Nothing says I love you like a big booming voice that greets you in the mornings. Or a declaration at the supermarket that, yes, “I will buy maple-flavored bacon.” Or a pair of new sneakers. Or lending the iBook when the room where the computer is is filled with college boys.

Nothing says I love you like three people in the same room not talking to each other because one is on the desktop PC, and the two others are on the laptops but willingly YM each other YouTube links. Or taking out the plug of the router to reset the connection. Or emailing various software to clean a computer that accidentally downloaded a virus disguised as a crack.

Nothing says I love you like a huge box of Cocoa Puffs and Cowhead milk. Or a few packs of your favorite Chicken Noodle soup. Or an issue of a magazine with you in it. Or a shirt that you didn’t ask for but they bought, anyway.

It’s great to hear I love you being said out loud but, honestly, actions still speak louder than words. (:

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