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For the past three weekends, I’ve been reading the last three books of the Harry Potter series. I don’t have the actual books so I’ve been reading them on the computer and the laptop.

During the first weekend, my mom had no problem with it because I was using the laptop.

The week after that, she walks into the room and sees me in front of the computer. She stands behind me for a while and then walks out. After a few hours, she comes back and I’m still on the computer. All of a sudden she yells, “Magkano ba yang libro na yan?!” Hahahaha!

And then, yesterday, when I was reading again. She mutters under her breath, “Nagbabasa ka na naman?”

I really love my mom. d: And she really loves her Yahoo! games. d: She’s like a super librarian or something on Bookworm. Haha!

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