Bratinella strikes again

I was sort of hoping my 100th post would be something special or memorable at least.

But I am now tired and sleepy (but can’t seem to fall asleep) with my forehead hurting from too much kunot ng noo.

Two things I really hate: being made to wait and sleeping in a car.

I don’t like waiting. I’m (almost) never late and I hate it when other people are. I wake up early, get ready early, so I expect to arrive early wherever and whenever. I know that it’s so we can save money, but geezus, can you please think of other people and the time they need to get to wherever? Hay, and after ten hours in the office, I really want to plop down on my bed, watch a few minutes of TV and blissfully fall asleep buried under my comforter.

Yes, because beds are for sleeping. Not cars. Who wants to sleep sitting down, right? Which brings us to the second item on my hate list today. I never really get to sleep that long on road trips. I’m just not too comfortable and I can’t sleep in a sitting position. And when I finally doze off, I’m already where I’m supposed to be. GAHHHH.

So you can just imagine how pissed I am right now. Sitting inside a car for an hour and half the time, waiting in front of a building. My face = >_< I am using up all of my self-control to shut up and not snap at the people in this room. I know, I’m such a brat. Don’t you just hate it. Inhale, exhale. Okay, at least I have self-control! P.S.
I think my mother has found this blog. Hahaha! Hi, mommy.

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