Christmas This Year

It was a different kind of Christmas this year. No yummy spread on our dining table, no last minute Christmas shopping (which we do every year), no ritual of opening Christmas presents in La Loma. Different.

It was just us six, with dad’s yayo and our driver and mom’s cousin. Just us in an unfamiliar place. But it was a happy Christmas, anyway.

We still had a tree (which Kuya Mong brought) and opened gifts (not at midnight since mom has an early bed time these days). Our Noche Buena was in the form of Filipino food ordered from a Korean-Japanese restaurant, where my mommy thanked them in Korean and the Koreans said “walang anuman” in response.

It was different, but I really had nothing to worry about. Christmas will be merry no matter where you are. I guess it’s who you are with that counts. And these days, I’m glad I have my family. ♥

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