I’ve been sick the past week and this holiday was a welcome retreat. I didn’t know how awesome it was to sleep in the middle of the day until my head hit my pillow this afternoon and I snoozed for a good 3 hours.

Spent the entire morning with Kaich, the birthday girl, in UP getting stuff photocopied and taking pictures (I hope I really finish my roll this time! I keep wasting the last four shots of my past rolls—I rewind before I get to the end of the roll.).

Since Ate Elena (our favorite maid (: we haven’t one since last year, I think) got back, my room has never been more organized. Haha! And today, I thought of opening up my windows and drawing the blinds because my room felt so stuffy and hot. And despite the initial obstacle (my windows have been shut for years now so they were kind of tough to open), I’m glad I opened them because my view was amazing! The day was just perfect!

Then, I woke up a few minutes ago to the sound of raindrops. It was only for maybe two minutes but it was so refreshing. I liked the cool breeze blowing into my room.

We should get more holidays!!!

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