All kinds of kilig

I first wrote about what an officemate thought of my Chocolate Turtle Pie a year and a half ago. And since then, I’ve always thought it was one of the best things said about my baking.

But these past few days, as I’ve been selling more stuff to my officemates, I’ve been hearing the sweetest (some funny, even!) comments ever.

The direct (and other variations of it):


The anecdote:

Kinain ng mga kapatid ko yung cupcake! Super sarap daw!

The metaphor:

It’s like kissing a girl…
hulaan niyo kung sino :))

The comparison:

Omg, macy! Omg! It’s the best cupcake ever! It’s my fave among the 3 treats I’ve tried! It’s like the Happy Ants I like but tons better! Aaaa!
—the best-est boss ever!

It was worth staying up `til midnight to get 24 cupcakes done by today. (:

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