As in What a Weekend. (:

Saturday morning was spent with one of my good friends K, baking Macadamia White Cookies and Chocolate Turtle Pie (I haven’t made this in soooo long!). We had so much fun baking and eating. (: I’m going to miss her so so so much! But what’s one month with the Internet?

Then, my dad picked me up so we could go shopping for food. Hee. I love grocery shopping, even if sometimes I get lazy to do it. It helps that it’s so cool inside the supermarket. Hehe! We were under our limit this month so hooray! We cut back on the Ritter Sport this time around, though. Last month, we got P650 worth of just chocolate. Yikes! The horrible “tagalized” version of “Umbrella” was playing in the supermarket and just as I said, “Nakakairita ang kanta. Ano ba!” someone behind me was singing along to it. Haha!

I also finally got my hair trimmed! Haha! My stylist wasn’t there when I went last time so I was happy he was back this Saturday. (: I’m back to looking like a twelve-year-old and I’ve ditched my konichiwa bangs because everyone is getting them! O: I’ll get them again when my hair is back to its longer length. That will be my new hair obsession. d:

Today, I tried out new cupcakes recipes. Both I will make again because they were good! One was for a low-fat chocolate cupcake and the other was for the perfect vanilla cupcake (rose just right, wasn’t too sweet, and was fluffy!). Yum-o! I turned my leftover buttercream frosting into peanut buttercream frosting! I love peanut butter! Yahoo! If I had a jar of Nutella, I would’ve probably used that instead. Hee. There’s an idea for my next baking experiment… (:

I have a cake date this week! Yay!

I wish all my weekends were like this. So steady and laid back. How was yours?

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  • riche||e
    July 7, 2008

    pretty good actually, although not as relaxing as yours – ran errands w family, facial, did some frivolous shopping, went to mass, went to the up v nu / dlsu v admu game at araneta, had dinner with friends 😀

  • Macy
    July 7, 2008

    haha but frivolous shopping and dinner with friends is always fun. d: