Oh, this is love.

About four months ago, I was obsessing over this beautiful mixer. I remember even before that, I’d look at it longingly (seriously!!!) whenever we passed the Coleman-KitchenAid store beside Auntie Anne’s in Galleria. When they started renovating their store, the mixers were greeting me everyday as I went out of the office. They were calling out to me. A rainbow of mixers. My God, they were beautiful. (Haha I know, I know. I’m raving about kitchen equipment. Get off my case!)

When my mom’s sister and I were chatting one time, we got to talking about my baking. How I told her that some officemates would order from me, but I never really sold my goods (in a bazaar or wherever). I didn’t really have the time nor the energy (I’d be too tired from work when I got home) to pursue it as a real business. Then, I mentioned that my mom’s KitchenAid, which I’ve been using since forever is really overworked. I think we’ve had it repaired more than five times already (each costing about a thousand or so) because the motor would give up and the paddle would just stop turning. Each time that happened, my heart would break because it meant I couldn’t bake! (Okay, ang drama na nito.) She asked how much a new mixer would cost. I told her that I’ve been eyeing one, a pink one. It would cost me P23,500. I told her, maybe I’ll save up for it and give it to myself one day. And not even a month after, she says she has good news. That they (my mom’s sisters in Canada) would give me the mixer. I should just think of it as their “investment” to my “business.” I didn’t know whether to say no (because it’s just too expensive to give it away like that, yeah?) or to thank them a million times everyday. Hahaha! And now, I can’t keep still. Because yesterday, they gave me the notice from the post office that a package is waiting to be picked up. And I don’t know any other package coming aside from that beautiful pink mixer. Ahhhh! I’ve been staring at this picture all night and all morning. Call me obsessed, but I can’t wait to meet her! I even have a name for her already. =)) You’re all probably thinking, “what a weirdo.” HAHA! But I’ve never been this excited for anything in a long time!

I can’t wait to go home tonight. (: Love-a-lot, we will be making lots of people happy! Hee.

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  • lou
    July 11, 2008

    oh this is niiiice 🙂