how to have a fantastic week

  1. Begin with a holiday.
  2. Eat random junk food for merienda with friends. (Read: Cheesecake, Oishi prawn crackers, Salt and Vinegar chips, sugar-free mamon, and flavored polvoron.)
  3. Bake a Cookie Cake for a friend who’s starting her journey in another country.
  4. Have a heart attack-inducing dinner (sisig, crispy pata, inihaw na pusit, and lots of garlic rice…mmm!) then go dance to (obscure) 80s and 90s songs. Woohoo!
  5. Look through this fantastic cookbook sent by your relatives while having a breakfast of caramelized Spam, scrambled eggs, and garlic rice.
  6. Wear a dress and gingham wedges to make up for not getting enough sleep. Haha!
  7. Celebrate Michael Jackson’s 50th birthday!

The week’s not even over yet. Despite A Big Move happening in my family’s life, I’m still finding ways to cheer myself up. Everything’s gonna get lighter, even if it never gets better.

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