How You Cookin’?

The Getting to Know You Quiz
via How to Eat a Cupcake

Metal or non-stick? Non-stick. Less mess. (:

Cast iron or stainless? I’m not sure. Both?

Cutting board: silicone or wood? Wood. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a silicone board.

Knife: carbon steel or stainless? I rarely use the knife so I’m not sure, either. Is there a difference? Haha.

Kitchenaid or hand mixer? KitchenAid fo sho. I have two. One handed down to me by my Mommy and one given to me as a gift by her sisters.

Cooktop: gas, electric, induction? Gas. That’s the only one we have I think.

Side-by-side, freezer on top, fridge on top? Right now, freezer on top. (: I don’t have a house of my own yet, therefore no refrigerator of my own, either.

Apron or whoops? I have lots of aprons at home! But it’s just too hot to wear one. I really should though. I keep getting myself in flour or confectioner’s sugar. Haha! I have cute one that looks like a dress (my brother gave it to me for Christmas) and another one that says Pushing Daisies across it.

Mashed potatoes: by hand, ricer, or mixer? I haven’t made mashed potatoes in a loooong time. But I think I mash them with a fork… by hand.

Sandwich or wrap? Sandwiches are easier to make. But only because sandwich bread is easier to find here in Manila. Haha!

PB & _________ ? Nutella! Duh. d:

Pancakes: syrup or applesauce? Do you even put apple sauce on pancakes? Maple syrup! Or peanut butter and Nutella. Haha, sorry, those are two of my favorite things to eat.

Cake: scratch or mix? Scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever made a cake from box mix.

Chili: beans or no? I’ve never made chili… so.

Napkin: cloth or paper? We only use the paper ones here at home.

BBQ: takes the whole weekend to make or take out? It doesn’t take the whole weekend to make! d: I love the chicken barbecue our houseboy and all-around helper makes. It’s got soy sauce, ketchup, sugar, and a bit of white wine in it. Mmm, tasty!

Chicken: white or dark? I don’t really have a preference. I usually go for the bigger part. Hahaha!

Ice cream: cone or dish? Either way, I’ll eat it! But if it’s in a cone I like waffle cones or sugar cones. (: Mmm. Now I want some ice cream!

Answer it, too!

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