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As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’m broke. Technically, I’m not really “poor.” I still get driven to work and home from work albeit with a broken down Tamaraw. I eat three meals a day. And I have a very comfortable bed to sleep in every night. But of course, you can’t help but feel “poor” when you need to worry about daily grocery expenses, bills, and such instead of just enjoying your hard-earned cash for I don’t know, some extremely superficial luxury, like a pedicure. Hahaha.

So recently, I’ve had a few cheap thrills to help me save up.

  1. Bringing baon to work everyday.
    I usually buy my lunch at the mini food court in our building. Although my lunch usually costs around P60-P100, bringing food from my house is so much cheaper! Then since I got to save some money, I have some to spare for merienda (usually an P18 doughnut). Not bad.
  2. Seeing my cupcakes in a magazine.
    Was thrilled to no end when I saw a guestbook entry on my Multiply about my cupcakes in the June issue of Real Living. Yay for free advertising!
  3. Learning to do my own nails.
    I have a kit at home for manicures and pedicures. I think I got it from one of the events I’ve attended before. Up until the other night, I haven’t used it. I bought a cheap bottle of cuticle remover (only P12 in Watsons!) and tried to give myself a pedicure. Tried out one of the bottles of polish I got from my boss’s beauty stash. It’s probably nowhere near professional but at least my nails look clean! (:

Hopefully, I don’t clean up my bank account this time. (: Happy weekend!

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