Second Christmas

Yesterday, I hit the mall with my boys. It was funny that we were shopping on Black Saturday. It was just too hot in the house and we wanted free AC. We got my dad a Cory shirt from Analog Soul (also scored a black bikini on sale, woohoo!) and my brother got him a cute Lebron shirt from Nike. Nior was teasing him, “Wow, parang Pasko, ah.” And I made a lame joke, “Pasko kaya! Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!” I spent way too much this weekend but I’m glad to have spent quality time with my family. We ended our trip with scoops of Sebastian’s. Nomnomnom.

After Easter mass, I realized that the Ruffles bag in my room was finally ready to be eaten! Ahh! Surprisingly, I haven’t finished off the bag. Sealed it off after popping a few chips alternately with two Toblerone Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Want a bite? (:

Now I shall enjoy what’s left of my long weekend catching up on my episodes. Happy Easter! (:

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  • Dea
    April 4, 2010

    Happy Easter, Macy!