These days have been busy and fast and I don’t realize it until I get home late at night and have no more energy to leisurely surf (oh this, how I miss!). So I end up staying home on weekends in front of the computer because I can’t be bothered to get out of the clothes I slept in.

Last weekend, though, I got to catch Kaich in Legally Blonde the Musical. It was funny and entertaining and Roch and I had fun spotting Kaich’s 7 characters (we actually missed one!). Found myself back in Meralco Theater where my mom took me to see my first musical—Grease with Lea Salonga as Sandra Dee and Cita Astals as Rizzo of The Pink Ladies.

I haven’t been posting much and I regret not doing so because I’d hate to forget the small details in this currently busy life (hand me the pause button, please).

Like last Friday night when I caught up with friends after a long day at work. Roasters on Katipunan looks different now. Had my usual solo A in between kwento with Niña, Binky, and Lani. I miss hanging out with my high school friends. They noticed how busy I’ve been since I haven’t been organizing dinners and that I take a bit long to reply to messages. Sigh.

Or last Thursday when we went to an event for the most maarte phone ever. And I mean that in the best, cutest way possible. (: Will post about it next time.

For now, I shall veg in front of my TV and try to finish work later tonight. This week will be about cupcakes, cool weather, and finally, rest. Sort of.

Dress, Betty (SM Department Store); Belt, Forever 21; Necklace, online; Bag, MNG; Shoes, Ferragamo

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