Until the weekend comes

My weekends have been constantly steady lately. Mostly made up of a long, lazy breakfast, witnessing a tickle fest between my youngest brother and my dad, putting stuff on my Tumblr queue and ticking off all the unread stuff on my Netvibes, watching TV in the room, and ordering in lunch that lasts until dinner.

I try not to think about work but sometimes, I can’t help it. Lately though, I’ve been trying to finish everything in five days so that I have at least two days to myself and my silly obsessions (like learning how to paint my nails by myself—I’m getting better at doing my right hand).

This week, I’m looking forward to a shoot, Chocolate Chip Cookies, possibly dinner with my high school girls, and payday (haha!).

Oh, and I made a mix for a rainy day like this.

  1. “Choux Pastry Heart” – Corinne Bailey Rae
  2. “Under Your Charms” – Josh Rouse
  3. “Honey Bee” – Zee Avi
  4. “Lilac Wine” – Jeff Buckley
  5. “Minor Detail” – Sondre Lerche
  6. “Simple Life” – The Weepies
  7. “You and I” – Wilco
  8. “Nice Day For A Sulk” – Belle & Sebastian
  9. “Calendar Girl” – Stars

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