Shoes Go On Feet

I’ve always been a fan of brogues. Oxfords. Spectator shoes. I just didn’t know if I could pull them off. Then my friend uploaded new styles of their shoe line on Multiply. I couldn’t resist getting myself a pair—or two. I got myself a pair of the gray suede ones and the pointy blue patent ones (because I had seen a picture of Andy from Style Scrapbook wearing a similar pair). My friends from the office and I were at a mall one time and we saw a pair of bone-colored brogues that looked super soft in Kids of Bayo. After I put it on, I knew I just had to get them.

My friends say I have one too many already but I wanted to get these navy and cream two-toned oxfords—too bad they didn’t have my size when I came back for them. My friend Golda tweeted about this promo on Fashionista Fortune Cookie and I figured, why not join? If those shoes were meant to be mine, maybe I’ll win. (: Navy/Cream Kenny, you shall be mine one way or another!

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