My Most Fashionable Obsession Yet

I’m not one of those girls who are obsessed with designer bags. Not even designer anything. I don’t line up outside stores to get my hands on a collection that’s being launched on the same day. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Hahaha.

Until I met the most fashionable bunny. I forget who introduced me to her. It was probably Teen Vogue or a random link on some random blog that I stalk. I had her blog bookmarked and found myself looking forward to each post, which is funny since all she wears are designer duds. Something I’ve never really paid much attention to.

When she posted her tees, I asked my friend Mikko to order for me and I’d pay her when she came home to visit. Then, when Forever 21 opened their first store in Manila, I was thrilled when they brought in Fifi Lapin apparel. I went as far as having a Gelaskin customized (thank you, Tatin!) so that my iPod would have fashionable Fifis all over. I used her blog’s footer and just tiled the pattern on Photoshop. Tatin made sure my favorite (the one in heart-shaped glasses) was in front and in the middle of the Gelaskin. (:

Now, whenever I spot a Fifi Lapin print on anything, I buy it. I wish I had better self-control. But yesterday, while I was browsing Kids of Bayo for a present for one of my goddaughters/baby cousins, I zoomed in on the FUNctional rack at the back of the store. I thought it was just some random bunny notebook. “Bunny Kisses” and “What Shall I Wear Today?” were unmistakably Fifi, though. I asked the girl at the counter if they sold the notebook separately (it was part of a set that had an erasable marker, a Hello Miffy pen, and correction tape). After all, what was I going to do with the rest of the stuff? Come to think of it, what am I going to do with the notebook, anyway? Hahaha. But my lowest of low EQ got the best of me and walked out of the store with a dress (the gift) and that set. I regret nothing because look how pretty the notebook is.

I really think I have to go to Fifi Lapin rehab soon.I can’t stop! What about you? What can’t you get enough of?

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