How Old Am I Really?

Yesterday, after an impromptu dinner at BonChon (I had 7 wings with a cup of rice!), my friends and I popped by Rockwell for a bit. Koko wanted to check out Muji and got even more excited when I said that me and Mim had never been there. I wasn’t going to buy anything, I knew that. I had mentally prepared myself to go “ooh” and “ahh” at all the pretty pens and then just walk out. But even before we got to Muji, Koko stopped by one of the arcades to check out the capsule toys. Guess who came home with a 100-peso toy watch? HAHAHA!

Doesn’t it remind you of the ones you used to have as a kid? All of the designs were actually cute but I wasn’t sure if it would fit me. But if it didn’t, I was prepared to give it to my nieces. Look who wore it right after buying it? Isn’t it the cutest? Don’t laugh but I kind of want to get the other 4 designs, too. d: And I would if I could choose but I don’t want to end up with 4 of the same kind.

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