Hanging Out With My Girls

My family usually tags along with my dad’s brother’s family (that’s a lot of apostrophes) on long weekends to Tagaytay, but this time we didn’t have any plans. Most of our friends already had plans (or work, boo!) so it was just me, Laika, and Mikko. Fun times as always: painting our nails, our favorite crepes, a new resto, and impromptu “shopping” at Mix’s igloo.

I think the next time we hang out, we should bring extra clothes so we can play Fruit Ninja or Dance Central. Haha! We always just end up sitting around and eating, which is totally fun but not good for our metabolism. :))

Hopefully the weather makes up its mind (woke up to a really sunny morning then the rain just came crashing down again) so we can visit Mommy today.

What are your plans for the long weekend?

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