Ten Things I’m Thankful For Tuesdays: Music

♥ Getting hooked on Wicked‘s OST even before I knew I could see the play.
♥ Catching Wicked‘s run in the Marina Bay Sands Theater.
♥ Getting tingles and shivers with the opening notes of the musical.
♥ Middle seats even if we were far from the stage.
♥ No people beside me singing along to the songs (haha, I swear I tried not to myself!).
♥ Even if Glinda was no Kristin Chenoweth, she was adorable!
♥ A powerful scene by Elphaba singing “Defying Gravity”—moved us to tears!
♥ A beautiful rendition of “For Good,” my favorite song from the musical.
♥ Catching a glimpse of a cast member at the end of the show.
♥ Falling asleep to Wicked LSS in my head.

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