How-To: Nail Line Art

This was originally a water marbling tutorial, but after 2 failed attempts, I gave up.

Both require the same first step, apply one coat of base coat. I use Sally Hansen’s Double Duty Strengthening base & top coat. Doesn’t make my nails yellow and it’s value for money since you only need one bottle for your base and top coats!

For the marble nails, you’ll need a cup of water, your choice of 2 to 3 colors of polish, some tape, and an orange stick (I used a barbecue stick). You can follow the tutorial for marble nails on Refinery29. Here’s how mine turned out the first time:

I also tried a red, blue, and purple combination but the polish would dry up too quickly and end up clumpy on my nails. So out came the polish remover.

I finally settled for a solid purple base (I used Forever 21’s Love and Beauty polish) and took out my The Face Shop nail art pen in black to do some line art. I pinned a similar design a few weeks ago. My hands aren’t that steady, unfortunately so my line art kind of looks jagged, haha! Next time, I’ll try using different base colors—and I’ll probably pick up another nail art pen in a different color, too.

You only need these three things! It’s that simple.

Et voila! Here are my finished nails in the afternoon sun (for dramatic effect, hahaha!).

And against a black purse.

What are you wearing on your nails now? (:

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