The Good Things

I’m almost done with the project I’m doing with Mikko and Alessa. It’s taking much longer than we planned, but hopefully it’ll come out perfect. (: I’m pretty excited to see the finished product! I’ll make sure to post something when everything is finally in order.

The Candy Girls are going on a trip this coming week! We’ll be missing two and half days of work (which I’m dreading!!! oh wait, only good things pala in this post) and basking in sun and love all the way in Ilocos. (: I love weddings! Can’t wait to see everyone dolled up.

A new The Vampire Diaries episode, which I didn’t get to watch until this morning. Nothing exciting, but TV makes me happy.

A quiet Saturday at home. I’m still not better, but hopefully an entire day at home will cure me. An unusual working Sunday will happen, but at least it’ll be near my house. (Trying my best to not complain about everything!) Hopefully I’ll still catch my relatives who are heading over for lunch tomorrow.

On Monday, I’m going to be all about the sunshine again. Promise.

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