Headed to the town where my mom grew up last Thursday night. Her sister’s husband passed away suddenly last Sunday. It was very sad news to start the week with.

This was also my first week working on our website all by myself so I was quite stressed this week. I don’t like leaving unfinished work so I was very disappointed when I missed one check on my to-do list. But I promised myself, next week will be better.

Driving to San Jose, Camarines Sur was quite the adventure. My brothers and I decided to leave at 9pm to make it to the funeral the next morning.

The last time I was in Bicol was years ago. So I suppose it was also nice—despite the circumstances—to come back.

We said good bye to Uncle July; we made it just in time as they transferred him from their house to the Church across. We walked from the Church to the cemetery under the heat of the summer sun. White balloons were released as my aunt, my mom’s sister, walked out of the cemetery in a black veil. There were a lot of superstitions I observed but didn’t understand. Tears aren’t supposed to fall onto the coffin, the widow cannot be spoken to as she walks away from the cemetery, you should wash your hands before entering the house, the widow should bathe after the burial, and the entire family should only eat from the plate that was offered. Now I know where my mom gets all her pamahiin from.

We were back in Manila twenty-five hours after we left. It was very tiring but I’m glad we went. Hopefully the next time we go, it’ll be for a longer time and for a happier time with the family.

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