Let’s Get Crafty

Whenever I go shopping, I have this habit of saying, “Kaya natin gawin yan” when I see an item that looks nice, but is ridiculously overpriced. For example, I’m not going to spend a thousand hard-earned pesos on a bracelet that I can make from the handles of an old paper bag. My friends already tease me with #shitdiygirlssay whenever I say these things.

But after today, I bow down to the REAL crafters! I’m really just a fan of DIY and I’m happy I got to meet such creative people. I have no words so I’ll let all the photos do the talking. We were 16 in all, meaning we got to take home 15 fantastic crafty things. Thanks, Alessa for organizing the craft soiree! Congratulations!

Craft overload? Nakakalula, diba? It was like Craft Christmas with our goodie bag overflowing with talent! NUKS. I’m also so glad to have hung out with friends at Pipino—the only place where I actually eat my veggies! I have a new favorite: veggie tempura. My goodness! Ang sarap!

 You probably guessed what my craft was for the day. Macy’s Fields reprezent with Kaichypoo!

Me looking like nagpa-picture sa artista with the super blooming Em!

Ale took my, Koko, and Mikko‘s mug shots with her Polaroid. I like the stains on the photo—may character! Hahaha!

Thanks for the ride and this cool photo, Koko! (:

Was too tired to stay for the bracelet making, but I’m sure there will be many more crafternoons to come.

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The Comments

  • Patty
    May 6, 2012

    this looks like mucho fun! you girls look lovely 🙂

  • Macy
    May 6, 2012

    Tara! Join the next one. It's super fun. (:

  • April San Pedro {iam_artisan}
    May 7, 2012

    It really felt like christmas… I was so excited when I got home and I unpacked all my goodies right away… hahaha… By the way, I told my sister about your yummy cupcake and hoping I can still share it with her back in Davao, but apparently, the cupcake didnt even reach outside pipino… hahaha I ate them all… hahaha