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I still can’t get my head around the fact that my friends are getting engaged, married, and having babies. But I suppose it’s only inevitable since I am turning 30 in less than a month (30!). Just last Sunday, my best friend had a baby shower for her baby girl. We’re all so excited to meet Mitos in a few weeks! (:

Since it was my first time to attend a baby shower, I had no idea what games to prepare. Good thing Laika’s sister, Chinky, thought up some cool ones. We also got plain onesies and had the guests design them for baby girl Mitos. Above was inspired by the popular candy—which incidentally was the giveaway too. Chinky had labels customized to have the baby’s name.

The boys were unfortunately subjected to drinking iced tea from a bottle. Haha! So glad they were all game, though!

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we had a round of pin the sperm on the egg. A grand total of 2 guys managed to aim correctly. Of course Marc, Laika’s hubby and Mitos’s soon-to-be dad, got it right smack in the middle!

Everyone did a great job on the onesies. Can’t wait till Mitos actually wears them. Can’t wait to meet her. (:

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