Christmas At Casa Alcaraz

{ Mini Nutella + Gigantic Elsie’s Croissant }

{ Lazy Girl’s Guide To Gift Wrapping: Tie with twine and make cards out of old business cards with washi tape and your trusty labelmaker.}

{ Raspberry Pie on the lips, Callalily on the tips. }

{ Simple dinner with mi familia ♥ }

 { With Ate Elena who prepared our Noche Buena.}

{ Nutella Crepe Cake from Dessert Du Jour. My brother’s fitting description: a crepe version of Quadratini! }

 { My dad’s face of glee riding his brand new wheels. }

{ My favorite 3-in-1 and my dad’s gift from the grocery—which my brother paid for, hahaha! }
{ Managed not to open my treats till after 12mn. Yay for pretty things! }
 { I am aware I am no longer 15, but thank you to family and friends who indulge me and this ridiculous obsession. My small 1D collection, hahaha! }
{ Impromptu MRT ride because Shangri-la was not open and we didn’t know till we got there. Whoops! I love my new sneakers. }
 { Christmas Dinner with my dad’s relatives. So sad there were no lumpiang shanghai leftovers for today! }

 { My niece who shares a mutual love for the boys. So happy she read through this in one sitting! }

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  • Patty Lazatin
    January 6, 2013

    I love your stash of 1D things.
    i suck at gifts. yours has yet to materialize. it will come, before the summer, i promise 😀