I Do It For The Joy It Brings

Music Monday

{ “Joyful Girl” – Soulive with Dave Matthews Band }

Tasty Tuesday

{Seafood Katsu Set 1, Yabu; Salpicao Soft Tacos, Madeca }

Wishful Wednesday
For this week to go without a hitch. I know that I put it upon myself when I decided to take on more work, but I can’t help but be nervous about this shoot! Hopefully at the end of the week, I shall be in one piece. d:

Thoughtful Thursday

Fashion Friday

* weekly-themed post adapted from That’s Chic

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The Comments

  • Patty Lazatin
    February 24, 2013

    and hello francophile, oh yes, wouldn't we want to be chic-er? 🙂

    good luck this week, macy!!!!