Think Of This Song As A Promise

Music Monday

{ From a year ago: YouTube Presents Jason Mraz Live from NYC }

The best thing about seeing him live is his unbelievably good adlibbing (is this even a word, sorry haha). I’m seeing him again in May and I cannot wait!

Tasty Tuesday

{ Banana Pecan Pancake, Breakfast at Antonio’s }
Still thinking about this fluffy stack of pancakes from a shoot two weeks ago. Wish I could go back for them and a cup of hot cocoa with a giant marshmallow on top.

Wishful Wednesday

{ Saturday morning mess }

I haven’t been making anything lately, but yesterday, after a tiring and stressful week, I just had to do something crafty. Haven’t used the nib I got from Alessa’s workshop a couple of weeks ago because I don’t have a desk in my room. But I made do with my bedroom floor. Waited for the ink to dry before painting over it with watercolor. Planning to buy a frame to put this in to give to my best friend. Her daughter just turned 3 months on her 30th birthday. (: The words are from one of my favorite John Mayer songs.

Thoughtful Thursday

Fashion Friday

* weekly-themed post adapted from That’s Chic

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