Photo Diary: Coron, Palawan

I can’t believe I did not write anything here in April. So much for promising to document as much as I can on this silly little blog.

I also can’t believe that we’re already five months into 2013. How is it possible that a third of the year has come and gone that quickly?

Just as April was ending, I took a week off from work to fly to Palawan. It was my first time on the island of Coron and I was not disappointed. Here are just a few photos from the wonderful trip that signals the start of summer for me.

It will be so hard to get out of bed tomorrow morning after a 7-day weekend. Haha!

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The Comments

  • Cielo
    May 5, 2013

    Palawan is the best. I've never been to Coron before so I'd love to visit it next year :))

    Cielo of The Girl Behind The Pen

  • joselle
    July 8, 2013

    I think I am having a Coron hangover which is prob why Im surfing for blog posts about Coron. Got back from Coron on Saturday, loved every bit of my trip. We took the cheapest tour (P650) and it took us to 6 destinations. I got to swim and saw all the sights that I've only seen on TV before. I loved waking up early and exploring the town on foot… for a minute I felt like a townie. And I loved the restaurants.! I gained 1.5 pounds! Great pictures, brought me back there in an instant. 😀