Photo Diary: Bahay Marikit (San Juan, Batangas)

Allow me one #throwbackthursday photo collage before I dive into a flashback trip to San Juan, Batangas. I don’t remember exactly when but I suppose our choice of swimsuits might be an indication that the last time I was in Bahay Marikit was a very long time ago.

So when Mikko told me she was heading to Batangas with some crafty friends to check out the place and plan out the second Craft Camp, I was super excited to tag along.

While Alessa, Mansy, Isa, Mikko, and Ninna were hanging out by the pool, I went around and explored the place a bit more.

Beautiful place with a lot of fun memories. Can’t wait to go back in 3 weeks to craft by the pool and under the sun some more. So glad I took a day off to get away for a bit. (:

Have you signed up for the second Craft Camp yet?

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