Made It Myself: Handmade Stationery

Last weekend, I spent a rainy Saturday afternoon at a cozy cafe with some fellow crafty people making cards and envelopes with my brand new Martha Stewart punchers.

My friend Mikko has the biggest collection of craft punchers. I’m not even kidding. So when she opened up a craft huddle that came bundled with a free puncher, I didn’t even think twice about signing up.

Here she is at Cordillera Coffee along Xavierville Avenue with the busy participants handcrafting their own stationery sets.

We were free to use as much paper as we wanted and had unlimited borrowing rights to Mikko’s tools just for that afternoon.

Funny how it was my first time at Cordillera Coffee when I pass by it every single day. This was the super yummy tuna pesto sandwich I had paired with Tableya coffee.

Merienda break! See that paper garland strung across the room? Mikko made that too!

My punching skills aren’t perfect so you’ll notice one of the loops got cut off, haha! But I’m mighty proud of this pretty little envelope I made. I didn’t use a template and just eyeballed the dimensions using the card I made. Didn’t realize it was that easy to make an envelope until I did it. Ha!

This was made using a template Mikko cut out for me. Next on my things-to-buy list? That envelope template maker! Sooo convenient.

Our class picture after an afternoon of making. Now I can’t wait to sit down and get to work on my stationery sets for the swap next week!

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