On Being Original

In a world where there are billions of people churning out great ideas every day, it’s very difficult to be original.

I remember as a kid, whenever I saw someone’s nice handwriting, my penmanship would somehow morph into something that looked like that style. It wasn’t something I did deliberately, I think. Maybe I just really wished my writing looked like that. d:

I’m not the first to do hand lettering or watercolor typography. But I really do love it. In high school, I’d give my friends their names in fancy letters to put in their organizers/planners. I try to make it my own: borrow words from my favorite songs, use my own style in writing (I’ve finally come to love my own, haha!). In the end, I do it because I enjoy it.

In the industry I’m in, the word “peg” gets thrown around a lot. What is it, really? From how I understand it, it’s something you take inspiration from. Kind of like a guide on the direction you want your shoot/article/feature to take. Because who wants to make something exactly like what’s already been done before?

What’s your take on being one of a kind?

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