Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♥ My four-month-old niece who makes my heart swell with joy. I can never not like a photo of hers.
A talented crop of teens to work with.
♥ Jeans that fit like you’ve had them for years. PS They’re only a month old.
♥ Making a pattern to print on fabric and sewing a pencil case for me and a pillow for Mira!
♥ Getting through a level of Candy Crush. Sorry, I still play it in traffic no matter how many weeks I’m stuck on one level.
♥ Twirling in the office that ends in tears-in-our-eyes laughter.
♥ A fresh episode of Dexter that’s waiting to be watched.
♥ Getting an Instagram heart from the songwriter of the lyrics you watercolored. Teehee! Never gets old.
♥ Being credited as a legit illustrator in a book! All my art-class-taking younger self’s dreams have come true!
♥ The new Stars song

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