Weekly / 07.20.2014

Music Monday

Ever since I read this article, I’ve been on a Garden State sound trip. Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here also has a pretty awesome soundtrack.

Tasty Tuesday

Still thinking about the paella negra with aioli from this year’s Yummy Eats. I clearly did not think my day through. After a couple of hours sampling food at the Metrotent (I didn’t even get to make it to half of the list!), I had lunch with my college besties, which stretched on to merienda of coffee, macarons, and cheesecake. Eep. My excuse? PMS. Hahaha! It’s always my excuse.

Wishful Wednesday

Hoping that I get to see the songs from Jason Mraz’s latest album performed live. Maybe he’ll swing by again? (:

Thoughtful Thursday

I’ve been trying to get back into craftier things these days. Luckily some friends indulge in my feeble attempts at typography and watercolor. Some illustrations I was commissioned to do a few months ago are about to be published in a book very soon. And I’m currently working on something fun for friends. Can’t wait to see how it’ll all come together! I’m happy to have discovered that a hobby is actually worthy enough to be seen by others. Hehe.

Fashion Friday

Got a pair of joggers on sale from Dorothy Perkins after catching a screening of She’s Dating the Gangster with my friends from the office. Which, by the way, was not half bad. I truly feel that Kathryn Bernardo is Sarah Geronimo, junior (and I love Sarah G!). Little known fact: the seed of this movie was planted at one of our monthly reports. Haha! Crazy how it has snowballed into what it is now. CRAY! Also: the movie was totally a ’90s throwback, making me reminisce about see-through beepers (didn’t you have one of those, too?) and DMs (wish I kept my brown ones!). I am officially old.

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