What Were We Doing Before Pinterest?

I’ve always loved saving photos of things I find online and want to look at again. Sometimes it’s just one photo so I hardly think a bookmark is necessary. So the idea of having a virtual cork board where I could pin stuff was appealing to me. And that’s exactly what Pinterest is all about—a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to discover and save creative ideas.

If I remember right, I joined Pinterest about 4 years ago (this was my very first pin) and I can’t really imagine how I survived the Internet pre-“pinning.” These days, when I’m getting the urge to cut my hair, I go on Pinterest and pin every haircut imaginable on my Hair Envy board. Or if I’m in search of the perfect white jeans or the elusive denim skirt overalls or, let’s be honest, I’m just logging a purchase, I file it away on my Shopping List board.

And then there are all those things I want to make (or sometimes wish I could make) which all goes in this board. One guess what it’s called… 😛

I’m thrilled the Pinterest is now building the pinning community right here in my hometown. If you’re not yet on Pinterest (what is wrong with you??? JK), today’s your lucky day because you can sign up for an account with this link (for a limited time so better get to it quickly). And you can even follow my pins if you want—no presh! Either way, I promise you’ll really love pinning stuff. P.S. The app is a great add-on to your gadget—you can pin while waiting in traffic. (:

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