Faves ATM

Free weekends mean lazing around till noon on a Saturday, doodling and falling deep into the blackhole that is Instagram.
Here are a few of my current faves: Creamellow lippie from Innisfree which I got through online shopping portal Althea; L’Oreal’s Pure Fire is still one of my favorite red-orange lippies—and so affordable, too; Radioactive Mushrooms in the Forest‘s natural fragrances are bomb. My picks? Toshi, Promise Ring, and Moonbathing; Bought this bottle of Beach Born sea salt spray because I was walking around aimlessly waiting for my friends for an hour. Glad I got it though because it’s amazing!; My Carrie City tote can fit EVERYTHING; These espradilles from F21 are a late summer buy but who cares? We live in a tropical country—it’s summer all year!

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