Photo Diary: Craft Camp, Antipolo

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we spent a weekend in Antipolo for Craft Camp PH. While organizing a full-day activity—and doing it twice in one weekend—can be physically taxing, there really is something about spending an entire day making, and doing it in a relaxing environment.

This year, we decided to bring our campers to Antipolo. It’s always been a special place because I grew up there. I studied in Assumption Antipolo since Kinder, but surprisingly, there are still many places I haven’t discovered. In a way, this camp was also something new for me to experience.

I’ve put together a few photos to show you what we were up to in the boondocks. But really, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it all for yourself.

We’re planning the next one for the beach, so make sure to keep tabs on all our social accounts so you can get first dibs on our next camp. Till then! Keep making.

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