Ten Things I’m Thankful for

♡ my yummy.ph debut, lol

♡ a beach trip on my birthday weekend that involved lots and lots of eating with friends who will wait for you to catch your breath under the heat of the noontime sun
♡ slowly adding to my list of easy recipes; follow me on Instagram for my cooking journey (haha)
♡ finally finished alias grace and about to start the sinner. ahh, i’m always thankful for tv time!
♡ seeing my fellow novembers to celebrate our birthdays, exchange gifts, and laugh like old times. if there’s anything i miss about my old workplace, it’s the people i used to see every day.
♡ hanging out with my former teammates, but more importantly, friends for lunch and coffee and dessert. we’ve been through a lot the past 3 months but i wouldn’t trade it for anything because this friendship i’ve forged with them in the course of those 3 months is truly irreplaceable.
♡ knowing the right words to say to people who aren’t having the best day. thankful because i have people who are the same to me.
♡ seeing harry styles live! eternally grateful to my welcoming committee of one in singapore. will always look forward to visiting you!
♡ a trip to the same place for the fifth time (my third this year alone, wow) and still discovering spaces that surprise me and make my heart flutter with joy
♡ coming home

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