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I’m no skin care expert, but from years of working for a teen brand, I’ve learned a thing or two about beauty products. From getting samples to watching different makeup artists and beauty editors, I’ve found brands that work for me and have earned a spot in my top shelf. Here are some of my recent purchases and what I love about them.

Drunk Elephant Rise & Glow

Been seeing this brand on my friend’s feeds and I’ve been curious about it for awhile. So when one of my friends posted a Rise & Glow Littles bundle for sale, I bought it so I could finally try for myself. It’s quite pricey but the Littles Duo of B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel and C-Firma Day Serum are lasting longer than I thought they would. Got these a little over 9 weeks ago and even with almost everyday use, I can still pump out product. I was telling my friend about how I’ve never really had major skin problems, but as I’m getting older and I feel like I need to take extra care of my skin.

Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light

My brother was in Germany recently for work, so I asked him to pick up the Rose Day Cream (in original and in light) if he could. I’m using the light variant now and reserving the original formulation for cooler days. Love the light scent and the non-greasy feel of this moisturizer. My face gets red especially in the cheek area so I like using products that calm my skin.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

I always walk into any Aesop store I see when I travel but never really buy anything because I get overwhelmed with the choices (and the prices, let’s be honest). But finally picked up a tube of their hand cream and I’m in love! I always have it in my bag so I can squeeze out some after washing my hands. Can’t get enough of the citrusy smell, too.

Glossier Solution

I’ve never used a chemical exfoliant so I have no point of comparison. But so far, Glossier Solution has been good to my skin. It doesn’t sting, doesn’t smell like chemicals, and even though I haven’t been having any breakouts before using it, I feel like it has kept the redness of my skin at bay. I’ve only used it for a week or so though, so I’ll let you know if I have any reactions in the coming weeks. P.S. I don’t use it every day, just every other night after cleansing and before putting on Super Pure or Super Bounce.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam, Haze, and Dusk

My sister-in-law got me a tube of Beam when they were in NYC, so when I was ordering Solution and saw that there was a Cloud Paint duo set, I snagged Haze and Dusk. I’ve only tried Haze and like Beam, I love it! A little goes a long way with this product so be gentle when you’re squeezing the tube. Once I squeezed out too much and just used the excess on my lids. Monochromatic makeup ftw!

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Brigitte

First saw this shade in 2015 but only picked up a tube on my last Singapore trip. There was a Black Friday sale and Patty was also going to buy something. Plus hello, two years is a pretty long time to be obsessing over a tube of lipstick. Haha! I love mixing it with my Marc Jacobs Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (part of a press package from Sephora when I was still with

Sephora Lip Scrub in Honey

This was part of a press package from Sephora then my friend Mikko also gave me one. I’m not sure if I also bought one because I currently have 3 tubes of this, haha! I’ve almost finished the first one and I’m pretty sure I’ll go through the other two also. This is great for sloughing off dead skin from chapped lips because it’s also moisturizing. I use this at night before going to bed and also before putting on matte lipstick.

What are your favorite beauty products right now? Any recommendations for combination skin that’s a bit red in the cheeks like mine? Let me know!

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    I love being an enabler. Any day of the week.

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