First United Building

Photo Diary: Calle Wright, Destileria Limtuaco, and First United Building in Manila

I’m guilty of not exploring my hometown enough, making me a tourist even in my own country. A few weeks back, I made plans with some friends to go on a Manila Day. We plotted out 3 spots we wanted to check out: Calle Wright, a newly-opened home-turned-gallery in Malate; Destileria Limtuaco in Intramuros, a museum of the longest-running distillery in the Philippines; and First United Building along Escolta. Despite the extreme heat on a Saturday afternoon, we found respite in a couple of airconditioned spots we got to visit. Loved going around the city and discovering new places. Would 10/10 recommend doing a Manila Day again! Enough chatter, onto the photos!

Calle Wright
1890 Vasquez St, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

Destileria Limtuaco Museum
481 San Juan de Letran, Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila

First United Building
413 Escolta St, Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

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  • Patty
    May 4, 2018

    1. cute niyo
    2. love the outfit
    3. fomo x 102131231

    • Macy
      > Patty
      May 4, 2018

      let’s plan something next time you’re in town (: