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Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ making chocolate chip cookies even in this heat

♡ finding old photos in the digital wormhole that is photobucket

♡ spending an afternoon with friends in new places

♡ the p2p that saves me from having to spend P400 on a ride going home from makati O_o

♡ friends you can drag to your rdo so you can attend a free tax seminar

♡ finding out you can file your taxes online (except for one minor mishap, I think I did it successfully)

♡ a tarot support group on viber (lol, hi guys)

♡ this 10 favorite albums tag on facebook that I didn’t want to be tagged on but now I’m totally obsessing over hahahaha

♡ cleaning out my makeup and doing a full face even if I had nowhere to go lol

♡ a bag of classic polvoron

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