SGD Bodega Adobo sa Kape

Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ revisiting my favorite albums because of that modern-day chain letter in the form of facebook tagging (only one of the people I tagged continued the tagging haha)

♡ going back to sgd coffee and areté

♡ getting my pink bubble wrap pouch with new mascara 😛

♡ making intergalactic cupcakes for a mystical gathering

♡ making a mess in the kitchen again (made myself a grilled sandwich with caramelized onions and honey garlic cauli twice in two weeks)

♡ hanging out with friends over food and coffee and chika

♡ watching movies (in the cinema and on netflix)

♡ finishing a book after so many months of not reading

♡ writing about filipino brands—just a few of my fave assignments the past month!

♡ being indoors on rainy days

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