Currently / July 2018

Formerly a weekly themed post I adapted from That’s Chic, this is a list of my favorite things for the month.

Music Monday

I only ever learn about new music on Spotify these days. This isn’t even that new but it popped up in one of my Discover Weekly playlists in July. I love it when I hit the play button on a Monday morning and I never have to hit the next button.

Tasty Tuesday

Coco Mama Spice Bird Poketo Fat Rice The Grid Rockwell

Ever since a friend posted a shot of her Coco Mama order from Boracay, I’ve been wanting to try it. I haven’t been to the island in a long time (and they’re on lockdown until October), so I was excited to go to their pop-up here in Manila. After many failed attempts, Koko took me to Hole in the Wall to check out all the other Boracay restos hanging there. As you can see, we ordered from all the spots, haha! We got Piri Piri Pork from Spice Bird, a Yakitori Bowl from Poketo, and Fish with Dill and Vermicelli Noodles from Fat Rice. PLUS, I finally got to try Coco Mama, which I wish I could have again. SOOO good. I also got to visit The Grid at Powerplant when I had a catch -up dinner with Mara and Pam. This Lechon Porchetta with Eggplant and Buttered Rice is massive and I finished it all except for a few bits of chicharon.

Wishful Wednesday

Cleansing Starter kit Woo Woo Ritual Goods Iron Gall Ink Life After Breakfast

I’ve already talked about how I’m getting in touch with my intuition before. My high school friend Jenn started a shop for “spiritual housekeeping for the mumus in your life” and I got myself a Cleanse Starter Kit just in time for the new moon. It comes with white sage, selenite, palo santo, black tourmaline (not in photo), a tea light, and a ritual guide. On the right, I was testing out this Iron Gall Ink by Life After Breakfast with words from Madame Clairevoyant just around the time Mercury went into retrograde. I’ve always loved reading her weekly posts because they remind me to be a little kinder to myself.

Thoughtful Thursday

It’s a work in progress but I think I’ve taken strides the past couple of months. Here’s to being okay with your own pace and remembering that life isn’t a race.

Fashion Friday

Souvenir Modern Myth Soleil

My friend Sam finally launched her honeymoon project Souvenir. Been eyeing this piece ever since she posted it and I’m so happy I was the first to call dibs on it once she released her first collection. If you’re looking into starting a vintage jewelry collection of your own, it’s a great place to start. They only carry one of each piece and they’re reasonably priced, too! I’ve been loving all these local brand collabs lately, too, so I had to get myself a piece from the Modern Myth x Soleil Ignacio collection. Naturally, I had to get this necklace called “Maria.”

Clearly, the past month was a blur and I haven’t been able to sit down and write here. But I have a ton of things to tell you about, so let’s start again! (:

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