Ten Things I’m Thankful For

♡ finding time to reconnect with old friends and realizing that some things are bigger than past hurts

♡ snagging a hot-ticket item online

♡ going on an elyu food trip—even if it’s just through writing about it

♡ booking a writing gig that’s close to my heart

♡ finishing up a consultancy and learning a thing or two from it

♡ learning how to make “bacon” out of eggplant

♡ trying out some new good eats and eating better (which just means I now eat veggies more often, lol)

♡ getting back into ntc (it’s my third week now and hopefully, I won’t stop)

♡ filing my taxes with not much trouble (and grateful for the work that came my way this second quarter)

♡ anticipating two new babies in the near future (not mine, obvs, but excited just the same)

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